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Minnesota Santa to Hire

Santapa George

Santapa George

Santapa George

Phone:  612-402-8216

Serving areas:  Oakdale, Woodbury, Maplewood, N. St. Paul Minnesota

Santapa George has been Santa for 63 years, I started when I was 21 with a designed beard & now I have a very full natural real beard with a curly mustache. I weigh 148 healthy pounds & I’m very active, I dance, Sing, tell stories, do magic tricks.   I use a fat suit to please the public that want a jolly Fat Santa. My Suit is the traditional red with white trim with a  wide black belt with a brass buckle, I wear black boots with a white fir trim on top.   I’ve been doing house parties for years. Currently I’m at Unique Thrift Store on Rice Street & Larpentur Friday, Dec. 18, 2015 at 3;30-8;30 with an hour break from 5;30-6;30.  AND on Sat & Sun Dec 19& 20 I’ll be at Savers in Woodbury from 11-5   With an hour break from 2-3,     Come & see me in action, Bring your camera & take as many free pictures as you want & visit as long as you want. Receive a FREE book & Some candy.

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Santa Randy

Phone:      952-472-2545

Serving:  Minnesota and Wisconsin

Santa Randy

Santa Randy

Bring Enchantment and Excitement to your holiday gathering with Santa Randy.   Let us help you plan your party with Santa’s White Glove Service.

Weight:  260 lbs + belly       Height:  6’2″       Health:  Excellent
Real Beard-National Beard Registry #1766
Professional Designed Authentic Wardrobes
Dedicated & Attentive to the Christmas Spirit of Listening
Gentle, But Jolly
Personable and Trustworthy
Treasures each Special Moment Shared with a Child
Provides Memorable Magical Moments
Brightens Lives of Children of All Ages

Master of Santa Claus Diploma 2007
International University of Santa Claus (IUSC)
Riverside, CA

Experience since 2000:
Private Family Parties,   Business Corporate Parties,  Organizations & Associations,   Restaurants, Open House Events,   Retail Store Functions,   Community Functions,  Malls,   Parades, Tree Lighting Ceremonies,   Live Cable TV Call In Show,   Naughty/Nice Checks

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Twin Cities Santa for Hire

Minnesota Santa for Hire

Minnesota Santa for Hire

Phone:     952-210-9232

Serving:  Minneapolis Minnesota and the surrounding areas.

Your Santa Too is available for block parties, company and corporate holiday events, home visits, promotional kickoffs, advertisement photo shoots for TV and Print, and more.  This Santa can make any day of the year special with a holiday visit with Red Bow Service.  Additional services include real reindeer and sleigh, horse/carriage, photography, catering, musicians, carolers, decor, face painting, caricature artistry, balloons, and more.

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